Kim-042When it comes to pursuing Jesus, there’s only one way to come: with boldness. 

We have been given access into His presence by a new and living way. So we come trembling in awe yet with the confidence of sons and daughters.

That’s what I love about the ministry of Kim Walker Smith. She is bold, takes risks, and listens to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

We talk about that as well as Jesus Culture music, her new Christmas album, and about carrying a message, not just talent.

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How would you define it?

Hearing that word almost creates confusion.

It has become so many things. Songs, services, singing, and industry.

Records, sold-out shows, iTunes charts, and royalty checks.

Jobs, productions, and emotional feelings.

But what is it…really? More than anything, we need to get this right. Worship is foundation – it’s the rock that everything is built upon.

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PastorClayton_LargeSometimes you just have to be honest. You have to strip away the game and get real with God.

As worship leaders we have a tendency to live in a world of comparison, criticism, man pleasing, and self centeredness. But without pure, honest, real hearts of desperation for God, we have nothing.

That’s what I love about this conversation with Clayton Brooks. Clayton is the Worship Pastor at the Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, Texas.

Clayton’s story is a call to obedience, to face what’s uncomfortable, to be the real thing. You excited to hear this?

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Today is an exciting day as it’s the release of our first Christmas album Christ Has Come.

Many of you may be familiar with my blog and podcast but not as familiar with my church, Allison Park Church. Allison Park Worship is our worship ministry – a collective of worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters who serve our local church.

This is our second album and our very first Christmas project. Enter…Christ Has Come.


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PCD_001If there’s one challenge every worship leader faces, it’s unifying the generations in worship.

My guest on the podcast this week has a unique perspective on this because he is both a worship leader and a senior pastor.

Dan Dean, from the popular Christian group Phillips Craig and Dean is both a recording artist and a pastor.

In this conversation we talk about the worship leader/senior pastor relationship, connecting the generations, the band, and an amazing story Dan shares from the road.


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Y1hediOeRoya666XCjYg_forestWe all know musicians should keep learning.

No one wakes up and says, “I’ve made it! I’ve finally learned everything there is to know!”

Whoever says that won’t have many friends.

Learning and growing is part of what it is to be human. That journey never ends.

But do you know why? Why do you need to learn, remain curious, and forever expand your creativity?

It’s not to be the best you can be. It’s not to create more opportunities for yourself.

It’s not be more successful, make money, or a name for yourself.

What is it? I’ll answer the question shortly, but first allow me to reference a great new book.

I’ve been loving John Piper’s, Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully. It’s a necessary read for songwriters, musicians, worship leaders, and anyone involved in the arts.

The first chapter is a biographical sketch of George Herbert, the famous poet/pastor. The point that Piper makes is that Herbert used poems and beautiful language as a means to see and savor the beauty of Christ more fully. His art wasn’t an end in itself.

It was used as a microscope to see the glories of God.

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downloadWhen I was first getting started as a worship leader, Tim Hughes was one of the guys I looked up to.

Tim is one of the best worship songwriters I know. Having written Here I Am to Worship, Happy Day, Let it Be Known, and many others, his songs have theological depth and incredibly catchy hooks.

In this interview, Tim and I talk all things Worship Central, prophetic worship, songwriting, embarrassing moments (it’s a good one!), and much more.

Don’t miss it!

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Anybody love compliments?

I’m kind of obsessed.

Most of the time I would rather serve in front of people than behind the scenes because of the attention.

When I wake up on Monday morning to ready my Bible, there’s no crowd poised to cheer.

No one is waiting to praise me for the man of God that I am. No fanfare, no hi fives, no thank you cards.

Little by little, I can shortcut my time in the secret place for the pull of the public eye.

But according to Scripture, God isn’t into what is seen.

He’s more concerned with who we are behind closed doors – doing good…quietly.

He’s more concerned with our inner man – who are as people rather than our gifts, talents, and what we achieve.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? Not much. Success in God’s eyes is much more robust, hidden, real.

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10348869_10204083134459245_9217684608051465718_oHave you ever wanted to sit down with a renowned musician/producer and pick their brain about what it takes to be a pro?

Going pro is about making a decision and going to work. It’s not just going to happen for you.

That’s what Gabriel Wilson and I talk about on this week’s podcast. Gabriel is our first repeat guest, a good friend, and incredible producer with such heart.

If you’re a songwriter, musician, or creative leader (or know someone who is), you’ll love this interview.

The interview is very informal, like two friends catching up. Enjoy!

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worshipSunday morning has its share of busyness and distraction.

It’s not that we worship gear, tone, & rock stardom. We’re just distracted – crowded minds and preoccupied hearts

I hate to say it, but oftentimes meeting with Jesus on Sunday morning feels like a reunion with an old friend. It’s refreshing, we remember the past, but it’s like we’re just “keeping up appearances.”

We aren’t connecting on a regular basis.

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