What Makes Our Gatherings Different Than The World?

What makes our gatherings Different than

What makes the gathered church different?

Unique? What are our distinctives? From the outside, many of our modern churches don’t look too different than the nightclub down the street. What sets us apart?

It can’t be our musical quality. The world has plenty of that.

It can’t be our production. The world has plenty of that.

It can’t be how much fun we have. The world has more than enough of that.

That’s not to say quality, production, and fun is wrong or unimportant. But it’s not enough to justify church. If all we’re doing is entertaining people with amazing music, flashy production, and good times, we’re not fulfilling our mission as the church. That’s the hard truth.

The argument has been made that the church should be the most creative place on the planet. On one hand, I agree with this. We as Christians should have a massive imagination because of the God we serve. He is beyond glorious. But at the same time it’s not enough.

Is there a way to combine crazy creativity and yet still maintain who we are as the gathered church? An important question to answer.

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#90: Rockstar Worship Leaders, Why Songs Matter, & Bi Vocational Worship Ministry [Podcast]

Rockstar Worship LEaders


The tension of rockstar and pastor is real within the local church. That’s why I love Stephen Miller. He always challenges me to get to the root of what I’m doing as an artist, songwriter, and local church pastor. He’s the real deal.

In this chat we talk about his great new album Liberating King, his book Worship Leaders We Are Not Rockstars, the power of worship songs, rockstar worship leaders, and being a bi vocational worship leader.

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The Honest Truth About Songwriting Success, Fame, And Influence

Songwriting Success

I’m probably not the guy to write this post.

I don’t have any hit songs. I’m not famous.

But I am a songwriter. It’s part of what I do and I feel I’m successful at it for reasons that may be different.

Think about it. What defines a songwriter? It’s the writing, right? Songwriters write songs. Some of you just need to embrace that identity even if you feel your songs are terrible. Even if you feel like you’ll never measure up. Even if no one knows who you are.

Guess what? You’re not off the hook.

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#89: Artful Worship Music, Overcoming Comparison, Flowing With Loops & Click, & Making Independent Records [Podcast]



I am so excited to introduce you to some new friends of mine from the brand new band, The Bright Expression. I don’t know about you, but I love finding new music. Especially new music that is awesome. You are going to love this.

Not only is the music great, but this conversation was rich and went in a lot of different directions (hence, the long title).

Leigh & Richard Patching and I discuss creating artful music that engages Christians and unbelievers, how to overcome comparing yourself to other musicians, flowing with loop & click, & practical tips for making an independent record.


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How To Know If Your Ministry Is Missing The Point


Ministry has its cycles, doesn’t it?

There are seasons of intense busyness and seasons of quiet. There are times where you’re breaking new ground and other times where you’re working your current systems.

There are days where you crank through your task list and others where you wonder what happened. There are moments of burnout and moments of intense joy.

But through every season of ministry, I know when I’m off base – when I’ve lost my way. Matter of fact, I know when you’ve lost your way too.

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#88: Christy Nockels On Women In Worship, The Passion Movement, & Worshiping With Wonder [Podcast]



So honored to have one of my favorite voices on the podcast today – Christy Nockels. I can remember back to when I was first feeling “the call” to lead worship. That soundtrack was a lot of the early Passion records, where Christy’s unmistakeable voice was featured.

Here on the podcast we discuss how her and her husband Nathan Nockels met, their musical journey from Watermark to Passion, and the unique dynamic of women leading worship.

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How To Take Your Worn Out Songs And Make Them Fresh


We’ve all been there.

The last thing we want to do is sing How Great is Our God or Here I Am to Worship…again. They feel old, tired, and worn out.

Songs go through cycles. It’s possible to do them to often as well as not enough. Striking that balance is tricky, to say the least.

But just because a song is old doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant. Great worship songs stand the test of time because they take a timeless message and wrap it in a fresh sound.

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#87: Lauren Daigle On Loving God Through Loneliness, Pursuing Your Dream, American Idol, & Singing With Soul [Podcast]



Today’s interview tells the story of new singer/songwriter/worship leader Lauren Daigle. Lauren’s music has been at the top of the Christian iTunes charts for months. It makes sense – she’s got an incredibly unique, soulful voice (think Adele meets Kim Walker) and songs that cut to the heart of what worship is all about.

Engaging, soulful, powerful songs.

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4 Skills That Separate Great Worship Leaders From Good Song Leaders


Leading worship can be overwhelming sometimes, right?

Not only do you have to worship God with all your heart, you have to lead a band, play an instrument, sing, engage a room, please your leaders, and be theologically sound. There’s a lot to juggle.

Of course, worship isn’t about music, singing, stage presence, personality, but it doing it well does include all of these. My goal with this article is to break down 4 essential skills that every worship leader needs to focus on.

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#86: Daniel Bashta On Timeless Truth, Dreaming Through Disappointment, & Becoming More Fascinated By God [Podcast]



I love talking to dreamers. But there’s something even more powerful than a dreamer: a dreamer who does. These kinds of people are a gift because they help us confront our apathy, fear, excuses, timidity, and stir us to get on with making change and living boldly.

Daniel Bashta is one of those people. Daniel is an incredible songwriter, worship leader, and dreamer who we welcome back to the podcast for a second time. For you long time fans, Daniel was the first guest on the very first Beyond Sunday podcast a little over two years ago (for a listing of past episodes, click here).

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