doerksen-brian-4fdb0042be651If I could pick the top 2 or 3 songwriters and worship leaders who have influenced me the most, Brian Doerksen would be on that list.

Brian was writing honest, powerful, congregational worship songs before it was cool.

In the interview we talk about Brian’s massive body of work, mentoring young worship leaders, creativity over the long haul, and singing emotionally healthy worship music.

Also, if you’d like to help Brian and Shiyr Poets finish funding their debut album, head on over HERE.

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6104513405_a2d511e17f_bWorship Leaders, isn’t it easy to simply “dial it in” and get services done?

I mean, the more you lead worship the more you just know how to lead worship. Profound, right?

It’s not quite on the mindless level of riding a bike or brushing your teeth, but it’s easy to simply go through the motions and “check out” of what God is doing in the moment.

Both beginners and experienced worship leaders are prone to this.

You may be lacking “presence” if:

  • You sing worship songs, but don’t “lead”
  • Every service is the same
  • You’re more aware of the music than what God is doing
  • Most people watch you, instead of engaging

But do you know what’s interesting and exciting about corporate worship?

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CMSYou know what the biggest problem with songwriters is? Simply put, their songs don’t get done.

Whatever the reason, notebooks remain filled with ideas, dreams never see reality, and the thoughts about “one day” recording a song continue.

While we’re talking about excuses, let’s add some more:

  • I don’t have the proper equipment to record a demo
  • My voice isn’t strong enough
  • My song sucks
  • I just don’t have the time
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • I’m clueless as to how this business works

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3770015203_e148607973_oIf you’ve been a musician for any length of time you’ve been a part of rehearsals that you wish you could leave.

Maybe the leader wasn’t prepared and there was no plan.

Maybe the band was simply terrible and it was impossible to get any chemistry going.

Maybe it just seemed to go on and on with no end in sight.

The goal of rehearsal isn’t just to get stuff done. It’s to form musicians into Jesus following, church loving, kingdom minded disciples (Tweet that?)

When you adopt this mindset, you begin to invest in people and not just your task list. You have more longevity with your team members. You have more fun. God blesses your efforts because it’s in line with what He already loves.

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6415488805_f4ec807c63_bI have to be honest – I feel that music gets a bad rap when it comes to “Christian” circles.

We like to talk about how worship is not about music. That pursuing Jesus isn’t about the songs you sing. It’s inward, right?

But what about all the mentions of music throughout Scripture?

Psalm 150 commands us to “praise Him” with the sound of loud instruments.

Remember how King David organized thousands of full time musicians to stand before the Lord day and night?

Not only did he organize musicians – he created instruments for the purpose of praise (I Chronicles 23:5).

I think God has a thing for music. And in this post I want to explore why that is.

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Aedle VK-1 Classic Edition Headphones-1When it comes to worship leading influence, there’s a lot of things I notice in others (and myself).

  • We listen to a lot of popular worship music.
  • We listen to a lot of popular secular music.
  • We read the Psalms and Proverbs.
  • We read a lot of new, popular Christian books.
  • We keep up with the latest gadgets.
  • We keep a pulse on the best sounding gear and instruments.

Obviously, you are here – reading this blog.

All of these things are good – habits I keep myself. I like to keep a pulse on popular products, gadgets, and resources. But all of these things are not sufficient to help you become the best worship leader you can be.

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Paul-Baloche-LIVEIt’s tough to be a worship leader today without the influence of Paul Baloche, whether you know it or not.

His songs have found their way into churches all over the world, along with his down-to-earth, practical training for worship teams. It was such an honor to talk with him about his new Live album and all things worship.

I love how Paul’s heart has always been for the Sunday morning worshiper and worship leader. That’s what this conversation is all about.

And, we’ll be giving away 3 copies of the CD/DVD combo if you leave a comment and share the interview. Don’t miss it!

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5546598342_86f9ed2154_bWhen you approach God in worship, what is your posture?

Are you in awe of His glory, gazing in wonder from a distance? Or are you a “run into His arms” kind of worshiper?

Would you rather sing “How He Loves” or “Holy, Holy, Holy”?

When it comes to the worship of Almighty God, we need both of these tensions.

We need the friendship and the fear. We need the awestruck and the intimacy. We need the fearful and the fearless.

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SP01-2T“If worship is a lifestyle, why is corporate worship so important?”

“If it’s all about our hearts, why do we need to sing songs together? Couldn’t I just stay home and worship God on my own?”

If you heard this before (or said this before) you’re not alone. Many people wonder about the purpose of corporate worship and why it’s so necessary.

I can understand the reasoning.

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kari_jobe_2013_3There is a difference between powerful singing and leading worship. But what is it?

I had the honor of talking with Kari Jobe about this very topic.

We also discuss her new album, Majestic, as well as caring for your voice, breaking down denominational walls, how to stay fresh as a worship leader, and the power of the Cheez-it baked snack cracker ;)

One of my takeaways was this quote from Kari:

“Worship leading is the broken, hungry, & desperate leading for the broken, hungry, & desperate” (Tweet that).

Don’t miss it!

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