#78: Why Worship Leaders Need To Cultivate A Massive Imagination [And How to Grow It]

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This week’s podcast is all about keeping things fresh.

Without a doubt, we all get stuck in ruts. We go through the motions. We get stale in our leadership. In order to be a great worship leader, we need to cultivate a massive imagination – to see more and more of God in His Word and in the world, to learn new musical ideas, to step into what is unknown.

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#77: David Gungor On The Brilliance Music, Art for the Church, & Demystifying Liturgy [Podcast]

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You know the feeling of discovering an amazing band that not many people know about?

Yea, that was my experience when I first heard the Brilliance a couple years ago. Beautiful, raw, real music for the church that is so different than anything else out there.

So David Gungor and I met over Skype for a conversation about their music, about creating art for the church, the importance of defining a liturgy, creativity, David’s relationship with his brothers Michael (from the band Gungor) and Rob, and tons of great “local church” tips that will stretch and challenge you.

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#76: The Intersection Of Theology, Music, Culture, & Your Local Church With Zac Hicks [Podcast]



Todays guest writes one of my favorite worship blogs on the internet: Zac Hicks.

Zac is a worship pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, pastored by Tullian Tchividjian. This conversation was one of my favorites! Zac is a super smart guy who knows a whole lot about culture, music, theology, and how that all connects to leading worship in the local church.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Worship Team From Burnout

5 Ways TO

Today’s post is a guest post from Jason Houtsma at Worship Artistry. Worship Artistry has become one of my favorite sites for worship teams as of late. It’s an incredible place to provide top end training for today’s popular worship songs. Your musicians will love it. Dan & Jason from Worship Artistry have graciously decided to give my listeners a special deal: an entire month for FREE! All you have to do is add the promo code “david” on the checkout page.

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Why Every Worship Team Must Balance Creativity And Accessibility

EVERYTHINGThere’s a tension in worship that is discussed over and over. It’s something that faces us all.

It’s the relationship between creativity and accessibility. Is the goal of Sunday’s music to be fresh and new or to be accessible to the gathered church?

It’s obviously a tension we must live with, rather than a problem to solve.

Every worship leader and creative arts pastor was inspired by the Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry. It fueled our imagination for making bigger and better art in our gatherings (plus, who wouldn’t want to come riding in on Voltron this Sunday morning?)

But when does creativity become the focus instead of God and His glory? Or when do we know we’re not being creative enough?

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