#1: Introducing The Beyond Sunday Worship Leader Podcast – An Interview With Daniel Bashta

Podcast cover-fixed-1The time is here!

So excited to launch the “Beyond Sunday Worship Leader Podcast” today.

My goal is to help you grow in the heart, skill, and calling of worship leadership by bringing you practical teaching, expert interviews, and the latest worship resources.

In this first episode, I interview Daniel Bashta – Integrity worship leader and songwriter of the popular song, “Like A Lion”.

He talks about his new album, The Invisible, as well as what he’s learning about corporate worship and ministry with a young family.

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More about Daniel:

– The Sounds of Daniel Bashta

– The Invisible by Daniel Bashta

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  1. David Wilson says

    Can’t wait to listen through the podcast today! Just found you and I love your blog and other resources!

  2. Henry Shellard says

    First came across you yesterday when I found your songwriting ebook – now you’re starting a podcast! Enjoying the first episode so far, Daniel seems like an inspiring guy. Looking forward to future episodes.

  3. Brian Frame says

    David, thanks for all of your work and for doing such a great job at giving resources for worship leaders to do what they do….better! The podcast is a great addition to the worship toolkit that you’re building. The interview was awesome! It was well thought out and implemented with excellence.

    Just so you know, it’s Holy Week (as if you didn’t know :) and, as busy as I am, I couldn’t resist taking a little bit of time to listen to this podcast. That’s how awesome your resources are. Thanks again for all you do!

  4. Michael Cline says

    It’s been so awesome to see this blog grow! God is using this blog and new podcast to minister to lives all around the world. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been uplifted and inspired after visiting this site. Keep doing what you’re doing, David! I loved the interview with Daniel Bashta. My wife and I are going through somewhat of a healing process right now, so that was very encouraging to hear!

  5. Daniel Pape says

    Just found your blog a few weeks ago and I was so pleased to see you will being doing this podcast! Great first episode. As a worship leader myself, with a family, and also named Daniel, I could really identify with what was shared! :) It’s all about Jesus for sure. Thanks for sharing David and keep up the excellent work!

  6. says

    David, I have followed your twitter for close to a year and received your newsletter every Sunday. I spend the majority of my time raising up worship teams in different age groups- middle schoolers to adults, planning those services and also leading on stage. Your content each week is so applicable to my life and ministry and am so glad that you have started a podcast. I think it is such a great step in taking the conversation of worship in the church to the next level. I will be keeping up each week. Excited for the interview next week with Ben!

  7. Marc Daniel Rivera says

    Wow, New artist? It sounds like a Messianic album (like Paul Wilbur), it hasn’t released here yet. I’d love to win a copy, It looks very good. Blessings!


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