7 Worship Blogs You Should Be Reading

In addition to reading your favorite blog in the blogosphere :), there are a few others that are seriously worth your time. Part of what makes a leader a great one is relentless learning. A great leader is never satisfied, never stagnant, but always pressing onto new things. One way I do that is through reading these blogs.

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1. Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship is kickin’. I’m always inspired by their musical creativity and insane zeal for God. They write incredible songs, are great people, and lead an amazing worship team. If you haven’t checked out their new album “Kingdom Come”, rescue yourself and make the purchase. One of the best worship albums of 2010. Within their blog they share what God is doing within their church, creative ideas, musical updates, and other great stuff.

2. Worship Matters – Bob Kauflin

I met Bob Kauflin at a songwriter’s retreat in Mount Hermon, California. I was impressed with how personable and humble he was – he actually knew my blog, talked with me, and gave me a book. Matter of fact he was giving everybody books. Before that, though, I had been reading his blog and just finished devouring his landmark book “Worship Matters”. I consider it one of the best modern books on worship. Bob has been involved with worship ministry for many years and carries a deep passion for the glory of God. Be sure to check out his music ministry, Sovereign Grace Music.

3. My Song in the Night

My Song in the Night is the joint effort of Bobby & Kristen Gilles. They are both a part the multi campus Sojourn Community Church. In this blog they distill invaluable songwriting advice, theological depth, and just flat-out practical stuff. One of my favorites.

4. Chris From Canada

Chris is a new internet friend I’ve met in the last month. The name of his blog reveals where he’s from and he is doing some great stuff in the Northern Hemisphere. Chris’s blogs are super practical, helpful, and “cutting edge” with what is up and coming in worship and church life. Enjoy.

5. Carlos Whittaker

While not always awash with worship leading insights, Carlos’ blog is just plain fun. He’s an incredible visionary, worship leader, and social media guru. If you’re interested in building an online community, read and follow Carlos. I’m always learning new things through his writing. His Digital Toolbox post has directly influenced my shopping list and given me some great free tools as well.

6. Worship Central

This is the collective blog of worship leaders Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, & Al Gordon, fantastic worship leaders from across the pond. As you probably already know, these guys are world class songwriters and their blog is equally as helpful. Practical, deeply wise, and fun.

7. The Worship Community

A few weeks ago, I noticed this site had referenced one of my posts. As I began to click through, I realized this was a fantastic site for worship leaders. Up to date, focused on community and the local church, and tons of great ideas.

Leaders, Readers, Worship Leaders, & Bloggers: what other blogs MUST I be reading? On your mark, get set, comment:


  1. says

    Hey Dave – thanks for mentioning my blog along these other ones that I love reading too. I’m loving the stuff you are writing and always read it when new stuff shows up. Thanks again!

    • David Santistevan says

      No problem, Chris. Really appreciate you RT’ing and introducing my stuff to new readers. Happy to return the favor!

  2. says

    Thanks a ton for including TheWorshipCommunity.Com! I’m the founder of that site, and really appreciate the “press”! Glad it’s been a source of encouragement to you, and that we could reference on of your posts!

  3. Jeff Q says

    worthilymagnify.com is another good one. He updates a few times a week and has some intersting insights. He originally grabbed me with some posts about “The Wonderful World of G” (amongst other keys) for the guitar.

  4. says

    This is a great list for me to get stuck into. We have recently launched a blog / site specifically for our worship songs and thoughts on worship with the release of a new worship EP. I hope we can bring something valuable to this feast;) There’s such a massive ‘industry’ / world out there of worship and it can be a bit overwhelming, so I’m going to just stick with your list for starters. Question for you David, who’s who in the world of worship music reviews etc?

  5. says

    Wow, thank you for these resources. I am just now getting into the online worship scene and I have learned so much. The last few years I have tried to do so much on my own and I realized there is so much out here already. I also am trying to consolidate tutorials for worship leaders, musicians and bands to use if you have any recommendations for me. Please check out http://teachmyband.com and let me know what you think. I want it to be something that helps bands make better music and not make all the mistakes and time wasters that I did.

  6. Bonita Ekhardt says

    Thanks for your post. I will check out your full site. Please add me to your mailing list. I just saw your site mentioned on Emily’s Facebook. I’ve been part of a praise band for ten to fifteen years.

  7. says

    There seems to be a wealth of worship blogs out there for worship leaders, but very few for the person in the pew. I humbly recommend mine as one exclusively for the worshipper rather than leader or leadership team. I would like to hear your thoughts on any of my 11 posts. Thank you so much. — John

  8. says

    Great list, David. I haven’t seen all of those.

    My worship blog didn’t exist when you wrote this post, so I want to mention it here for those who stumble upon this list later – like me!

    My worship blog isn’t for worship leaders, like most, but like my worship study, “Worship and the Word,” is for anyone who wants to better understand what the Bible teaches about God’s plan for us as His worshipers. It’s a truly completely life-changing topic to study, but sadly not something that is taught about enough in the average church.

    Check out my worship blog at http://pamelahaddix.com/, and learn more about my worship Bible study, “Worship and the Word,” here: http://pamelahaddix.com/worship-and-the-word-about-the-book/.

    (My book was chosen by Worship Leader Magazine as one of the “Best of 2014” and they are currently offering the eBook for FREE to all subscribers through the end of June 2015. They’re advertising it as “the perfect study to help both your worship team and church body deeply explore and intimately grasp what the Bible teaches about God’s life-changing call for us to be His authentic and passionate worshipers.” A huge blessing and honor.)

    Thanks, David!


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