Are You Leading Worship With Your Life?

True worship leaders are so much more than musicians, singers, and people who stand on a stage.

What are you reflecting with your life?

True worship leaders lead with their lives.

Sometimes it takes drastic circumstances to learn life-defining lessons like this.

I remember it like it happened yesterday. My dreams to serve God, lead worship, write music, and travel were dashed against the rocks.

Life Lessons In Unlikely Places

I was sick.

So sick, in fact, that I couldn’t sing. I couldn’t strum my guitar. I couldn’t actually get up from the couch.

As the medical bills piled up, my passion for life began to dwindle. Like a dandelion in the wind, my confidence slowly blew away with each puzzled doctor’s face.

Nothing will test the foundations of your calling more than an intense trial.

It was in these moments that I began to question my calling as a worship leader. It was a calling, in fact. Wasn’t it?

At least that’s what I thought it was. But how could a a guy with no voice and no strength lead worship? How could I do what God had called me to do?

These are the questions that echoed through my head for months.

Eventually, I began to hear the voice of God. Do you know what He said?

What Is A True Worship Leader?

True worship leaders lead with their lives. It’s hardly just about a stage with some songs and a few musicians rocking out.

True worship leaders have encountered the glory of God and live to see others encounter the same.

At its core, worship leading is about an amazed heart. You are so amazed by God that you can’t help showing Him off to others.

Though it was difficult to see, God was opening my eyes to the truth that I lead worship wherever I am. Whether I’m on stage, in a hospital bed, loving life, or overwhelmed by pain, I am a worship leader.

– It’s about how you respond to trials
– It’s about how you seek God
– It’s about your private passion matching your public performance
– It’s about hungering and thirsting after righteousness

And that’s my question to you today: Are you leading worship with your life? Are you bringing your whole life into alignment with this calling?

Because it is a calling.

So let’s discuss.

What does it take to lead worship with your life? What are some creative, out-of-the-box ways you are leading worship apart from music? Add some discussion in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley (Flickr)


  1. Rebecca says

    David, this is an excellent reminder to all of us. I always say that worship is how we live our lives each day. But I need to get back to the place where my private passion is equal to my public passion in worship. Thanks.

  2. Charisa says

    This post definitely resonated with me! It’s so important to feel God’s delight as we go about our day to day as much as we feel His delight when were on stage. In the hidden, there may never be recognition or accolades, but that’s where I encounter God the most. It’s so encouraging to know that God cares more about me than what I could ever do for Him! As you said, even in lying in a sick bed- we are His precious kids, and in that season, that’s enough! =)

  3. Ed Wisener says

    Many trials come from within the church herself. Because of their high-profile positions, pastors and worship leaders are the brunt of a lot of criticism. Leadership style, musical style, presentation style, you name it… everyone has an opinion and knows exactly why it’s God’s opinion too. You need a sense of your calling to walk through these challenges with an open heart that responds to criticism with grace, and an open hand that gives up personal preferences to reach the people you serve. You also need to be able to stand firm and take the heat when people driven by ego, the need to control, or any number of human failings, try to replace God-centered worship with something less.

  4. Alfonse Ndambuki says

    Spot on. I had a brother who told me a recent experience that expresses this point. One of his team members was indebted to the point of being publicly embarrassed by auctioneers. Having passed through this way before (having had his business tools taken and almost by the bank for a loan he was servicing after the debtor defaulted), this brother knew it was a harrowing experience, one that neither him nor any of his friends would want to pass through. This member opened up to him and told him of the stress accompanying his situation. The worship leader thought of him, there in front of the church, mike in hand and singing “Oh, God is good, He is good to me!” to the eager crowd of believers, while at the back of his mind he is worrying that the auctioneers might break bounds and come for his household goods that Sunday afternoon. Two questions instantly popped up in this worship leader’s mind: “Supposing it was you in his situation, how would you react?” The next question was, “Supposing this fellow had literally met Jesus and disclosed his problem, what would Jesus have done?”
    He told me did not need someone to tell me to take the burden off his brother’s shoulders. And did they have a session that Sunday morning! This was as a result of an expression of true love.
    Singing is not worship. If singing is all there is to it, then we are doomed. And I am not saying that music has no part. But we cannot replace the way with the destination. They are completely different. Christ needs to become a reality to us in our daily lives BEFORE we stand before Him and ‘worship’ Him. An experience with Him is the best teacher to worship.

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