Exclusive Interview With Matt Redman: Songwriting, Inspiration, And New Album

I’m honored to feature an exclusive interview with Matt Redman today, one of my worship leader heroes.

Matt so graciously agreed to answer a few questions I had regarding songwriting, worship, inspiration, and his new album, “10,000 Reasons“.

Matt Redman

1. Are you encouraged by the rise of worship songwriting and the abundance of worship albums in recent years? Why/Why Not?

Yes, I think it’s great that the whole world over there are people thinking more seriously about how to write songs to help people to talk to God. God is worthy of eternal song – so we’ll never be in danger of writing too many anthems to honour and adore Him.

But I guess the key is to face the challenge of songs that really paint a big picture of who Jesus is. The songs can’t just be edgy sounds and cool musical hooks – they have to be written from a heart that wants to convey God in a real and reverent way.

2. You’re new album “10,000 Reasons” is the album of the year, in my opinion. What can we expect with this album? Is it similar to “Facedown“?

It’s similar in that it’s a live recording – this time there were about 1000 worship leaders and singers in the room. So you can hear that with the sense of vocal passion I hope we’ve captured. It’s an impressive thing to me when even the congregation are singing harmonies. I hope the songs will speak loud and clear and in an exciting way about who God is – and then give worshippers a way to reply to Him.

3. Where have you recently been drawing your inspiration as a songwriter?

I’ve been doing lots of co-writing. The songwriting team on this album was just fantastic – I have some really gifted writing friends, and there’s a real sense of team on these new songs. People like Jonas Myrin, Jason Ingram, Matt Maher, Tim Wanstall and Chris Tomlin helped shaped and write these songs and I love that.

4. How would you define success as a local church worship leader?

Ending up in the midst of a group of people who know what it is to worship God through song, and who therefore arrive ready, reverent, and expectant.

5. What advice do you have for young worship songwriters?

Keep writing. It’s like an athlete’s training. The more you write, and co-write, the more you will flex your imagination muscle, and be ready in the right moments to write some great songs.

I couldn’t be more excited to not only hear and be challenged by Matt’s new album “10,000 Reasons” but also to lead these songs at my church. In my opinion, Matt is the best at writing worship songs for the church that challenge, encourage, and inspire deeper worship.

Be sure to check out his promo video below:

[tentblogger-youtube oOf-M6D_bDA]

Question: What worship leader/songwriter has had the biggest influence in your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. says

    Nice work David. Love Matt Redman. I heard him speak at David Crowder’s conference back in October… always a joy.

    I really appreciate point number four, and the expectation of worship.

    I’m getting ready to launch a series on songrwiting in the church with interviews by Derek Webb, Matthew Smith, Matthew Reed, and more. So tay tuned!

  2. says

    Shane and Shane….hands down….

    they are the reason I picked up the gutiar when I heard their pslams album….I still get chills thinking about that record…

  3. Ryan Gordon says

    Wow. Great interview, and watching that video just got me pumped!

    His answer to question 4 is a challenge to me. I think every worship leader wants to cultivate a culture of worship in their church that breeds a collective expectation of a move of God in their community. It’s hard to determine “success” in the worship leader role, but as worship leaders, we can’t give our people what we do not already possess. If we’re not expecting God to move, they won’t either. Great response.

    I agree with you, David, in that Matt is my favorite worship songwriter. There’s something about the lyrical content of his songs that captures something dynamic about God and paints it in a fresh and vibrant way. I can’t wait for this album!

      • Ryan Gordon says

        Just you wait, bro. Someday we’re gonna record an album together called “The Stairwell Encounters” and we’ll have Nathan Nockels produce it :)

  4. says

    DUUUUDE! Way to score the Matt Redman interview! Great post as always and the promo video is excitingly fab. Back in the day the drummer and bass player from my youth band went on the road backing up Matt. That’s Miles and Bryan playing on The Forerunner CD I sent you…

    Well done David.

    • David Santistevan says

      Thanks Rob. Matt was very gracious and helpful. Very cool about your band! I can’t wait for this album. I think it’s going to be special. Any other good music you’re loving?

  5. says

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