487234687_aa75fdd3a2_bWhat makes music powerful? Take a minute and ponder that question.

What are the qualities that make for engaging, powerful musicians?

Because it’s obvious that some have it and others don’t.

When certain musicians take hold of their instrument, magic happens. Still others who may have more experience or taken lessons longer, don’t have it.

Think about it – how many times have you heard someone who’s taken lessons for many years only to find out they weren’t very good?

So if lessons aren’t the key, experience isn’t the answer, and time isn’t the x factor – what is it?

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1014138_10151499417012019_1097665618_nMost worship leaders have a rehearsal plan.

  • Rhythm section tight? Check.
  • New song developed? Check.
  • Band tight with the click? Check.
  • Transitions smoothed over with a keyboard pad? Check.
  • Prayer as a team? Check.

Week in and week out, we have our routines. And routines are great as long as they don’t dull our senses to what is happening.

But more and more these routines are shaped by our modern culture.

I want to make a statement today that we need to rediscover something in our modern worship teams.

We need to uncover a rehearsal topic that can be forgotten in the fast paced, production oriented, rock and roll style worship service.

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2014-02-21-ScreenShot20140116at11.50.26PM7Have you ever felt that you were made for more than fitting in and following rules?

That you were destined to do something great? Somewhere between our childhood dreams and today’s reality we lose the idea that anything is possible.

In this podcast I talk with professional musician and author Seth Bolt of the band Needtobreathe. Seth and his brother, Chandler, have written a book about this very topic and are giving away all the proceeds to charity.

While this is different than the usual worship leading fare, I knew this message and cause was compelling enough to share with you.

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tension_smallDoes this sound familiar?

You try and cast the biggest vision for your worship team and no one cares.

You do your best to give people a chance on the team and they argue and fight.

Expectations aren’t met and now you’re at odds with someone.

It would be nice to be somewhere where this didn’t happen, right?

Life is always better somewhere, isn’t it? Have you thought like this?

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35031e46078d6f2881e0e4fe73d4b6a2I’ve wanted to bring Gabriel Wilson on the podcast for a while.

When it comes to connecting relentless creativity with the heart of God, I can’t think of a better guy to talk to.

Gabriel Wilson is the mastermind behind the bands The Rock & Roll Worship Circus and The Listening, as well as a worship leader and producer for Bethel Music. Most recently, he is the producer of Bethel’s newest studio album, Tides.

In this interview we talk about the Tides album, along with some songwriting, worship leading, gear collecting, and music production.

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It’s one thing to gaze upon the glory of God from a distance.

It’s one thing to lift your eyes, look, and see the greatness of God – to revere, stand in awe, and bow down, amazed.

But is there an aspect of worship that is missing?

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0000051316_20Massive talent. Bright lights. Incredible band. Emotional performances.

From the outside it seems that worship leaders are no different than your every day rockstars.

But is there something that should set us apart? That’s what I dive into with Stephen Miller, author of the wonderful book Worship Leaders We Are Not Rockstars. Stephen is a worship pastor at The Journey in St Louis, as well as a songwriter, artist, and author.

If you leave a comment, you may be a lucky winner of Stephen’s book as he’s graciously agreed to give away 5 copies.

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482661179_0ab40a9372_bThere’s an ebb and flow to ministry that can be annoying, wouldn’t you say?

Sometimes you feel on top of the world, like you’re making the biggest difference. The next day, you feel burned out, exhausted, alone, and wonder why you do what you do.

Sometimes your heart is broken. Sometimes you are overlooked, under appreciated, and feel worthless. Other times, compliments can make you think you are better than you really are.

But in today’s post I want to remind you of a few foundational truths that you can take to the bank. Ideas that you can rest your life upon. Promises that you can lean into when all else seems to fail.

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4232632686_e36d1af03b_bI’m a firm believe that worship leadership isn’t a calling relegated to a stage, a service, or songs.

Worship leaders are called to lead worship by the leadership of their lives.

They create culture wherever they go.

They impress upon others the glory of God.

They inspire others to worship in the midst of their pain and confusion.

It’s an atmosphere, not of emotional music, but of a life wholly surrendered. A life that is led by the Holy Spirit.

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WorshipHandsWhen you pick up your instrument, do you feel the call of God?

When you lead your church in worship, do you feel the weight of responsibility?

Because you, my friend, are called, appointed, and anointed to do what you do.

My goal today is to inspire you to take your role as a worship musician seriously but not to take yourself too seriously.

I want to challenge you to steward your calling and anointing with responsibility, but not your ego.

You are called to more than music. You are destined for more than entertaining God’s people.

It’s time to rise up and step into the fullness of God’s call upon your life.

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