#85: Jared Anderson On Being Present, The Kingdom of God, Adoption, & the Craft of Songwriting [Podcast]



Today’s guest is no stranger to great songs – The Great I Am, Rescue, Amazed. But Jared Anderson and I talk about so much more than just the songs and the music.

Truth is, Jared never wanted to write worship songs. But God had other plans.

We talk about living for the Kingdom of God, making disciples, his story of adopting two kids from Haiti, being present, and some of his top songwriting tips. Yea, it goes in a lot of different directions. But typically the best conversations do.

Enjoy my conversation with Jared Anderson.

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#84: Chris Tomlin On Worship Songwriting, Small Beginnings, & Staying Fresh [Podcast]



Today’s guest is no stranger to worship music. So very honored to welcome Chris Tomlin to the Beyond Sunday podcast. Chris and I were able to catch up in the middle of his Love Ran Red tour with Rend Collective & Tenth Avenue North.

Chris has seen tremendous success as a songwriter and an artist, but remains a kind, genuine, down-to-earth guy. In this interview we talk about his family life, writing worship songs, the Love Ran Red tour, his beginnings as a worship leader, & how to stay fresh and focused in ministry.

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Compliments: How To Respond, How Not To Respond, & How To Really Glorify God


“Worship was awesome today!”

“No it wasn’t. God is awesome.”

“Man, you did a great job leading us.”

“No I didn’t. Praise Almighty Jehovah on High!”

Compliments. They come and they go. We love to hear them but we don’t know how to respond to them.

If you are in any form of public ministry (which is basically everyone in ministry) you will be complimented. You will be looked up to. You will be someone’s hero.

To some degree, everyone has a fan club. How do you respond to praise without it getting to your head?

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#83: Worship Team Auditions, Multisite Ministry, & Prioritizing Creativity with NCC Worship [Podcast]



Auditions. It’s one of the most talked about subjects among worship teams.

The team at National Community Church have a great system in place for recruiting, evaluating, and developing musicians numerous times throughout the calendar year. I wanted to sit down and talk with Worship Director Kurtis Parks & Worship Leader Joel Buckner on how they do this.

There’s so much more to glean from this episode too: what worship ministry looks like in a multisite church, making creativity intentional by placing it on the calendar, as well as NCC Worship’s brand new album with Integrity Music.

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What The Best Musicians Do That Most Overlook


I used to think that great music was about speed – how fast can ones fingers glide across the piano, shred on the guitar, fly on the drum kit?

I used to think that great music was about difficulty – as if greatness was directly related to one’s ability to play Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes.

I used to think that great music could only be played on a great instrument. If you didn’t have something that was at least $1000, what you were playing was total crap.

Believe it or not, I also used to think electronic music was lame. I mean, what skill is really involved?

It’s not that brilliant musicians can’t play fast or difficult music. Or that they refuse to use nice instruments. No, it’s just that their music is deeper than that. It’s more real. It comes from within.

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#82: The Wonder of Worship, The God of the Old Testament, & The Value Of Hymns with Andrew Greer & Ginny Owens



So honored to have some new friends on the podcast this week. Andrew Greer is a Dove award-nominated singer/songwriter and Ginny Owens is a 3 time Dove award winning artist. What’s interesting about this interview is both of them are first time authors, here to discuss their new book Transcending Mysteries: Who is God and What Does He Want from Us?

I loved the twists and turns in this conversation: songwriting, book writing, knowing God, hymns, leading worship: it’s all here. Enjoy!

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What A Congregation Needs From Their Worship Leader


Ever been caught in the middle of an awkward conversation?

You don’t know what to say, you feel trapped. You can’t wait for it to end.

Corporate worship can feel like this sometimes, right?

No, I’m not here to make fun of specific worship leaders. I’m not here to label you as awkward. But I do believe there is too much at stake for us to be a hindrance rather than a help to worship.

Your church doesn’t need you to be a rockstar. They don’t need you to be the best in world. They don’t even need you to impress them. They just need you to create a safe place.

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#81: Matt Maher On The Movement Of Jesus, Creative Limits In Our Gatherings, & A History Of Christian Worship [Podcast]



Ever get frustrated by how simple worship music is?

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. And is it possible to be too creative in our corporate gatherings? This and so much more is covered in my conversation with Matt Maher. He has tons of wise, enlightening, practical advice to share with us today. His new album Saints & Sinners has just released and is amazing.

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Changing The World Is Easier Than You Think

the best way to deal with discouragement (2)

Last week I was down. Discouraged. Depressed. Ever been there?

It’s not that anything major happened. It’s not that I failed, forgot something, or fell on my face. It was just one of those days – the natural, emotional ups and downs of being an imperfect human in an imperfect world.

I don’t always feel like this – some days I feel on top of the world. I feel like a success where everything is going my way. This was not one of those days.

But something happened that changed it all for me. It was nothing magical, nothing massive. Matter of fact, it was a simple text message.

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