17 Habits of Effective, Local Church Worship Leaders


Sometimes I’ll ask the guests on my podcast, “When you think of the word ‘successful’ who is the first person that comes to mind?”

Often, they are taken off guard and feel a little awkward. I love the question because successful means different things to different people. I become a better person when I learn about what other people value.

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#73: Leading Youth in Worship & Creating Systems For Growth With Mainstream Worship [Podcast]



Such a joy to talk with not one, not two, but three guests on the podcast today from Mainstream Orlando, the youth ministry of Faith Assembly. Josh Daughtry, Jason Callahan, & Carlos were kind enough to chat with me about all they have going on.

Mainstream is a happening place. With a youth ministry of over 1500 students, a vibrant worship & arts ministry, & a brand new record, they are really investing in the next generation.

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What Smart Musicians Do: 12 Essential Habits for the Amateur & the Pro

Strangely, one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received is, “You’re such a nerd.”

I know, kind of weird for me to say that. But the truth is, if you can’t geek out over something, you’re too up tight. You have to dive deep in order to get the most out of life.

And we musicians can be a nerdy bunch. I’m here to tell you that is a very good thing.


When it comes to music, I’m a nerd. I’ve spent most of my life hanging out with nerdy musicians who have taught me what it takes to be effective, in demand, & influential.

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