The Day My Son Was Born: A Letter For The Rest Of Your Life

Today’s post is a unique post for my blog. Typically, I gear all of my writings towards worship leaders, musicians, creatives, and church leaders. But yesterday my son was born. And as I reflected on this day – one of the most significant I have ever experienced – this is what overflowed from my heart. May it be an encouragement and a challenge to live your life fully – for what truly matters.

Tyler David,

July 10, 2012 was a day my life flashed before my eyes. A day I reflected on the last 27 years of my existence.

To see you enter the world floods my heart with joy, expectancy, and fear.

  • Fear of not surviving the smell of your diapers.
  • Fear of not living up to the expectations I’ve rehearsed.
  • Fear of not being the best Dad in the world.

But this I know, my son – you are going to change the world.


You will face tremendous problems yet find epic solutions.

You will stare sin in the face and say, “Christ is better.”

You will live your life to serve others and make the name of Jesus famous.

But it isn’t just what you’ll do that makes your life count. It’s your very existence that speaks of the majesty of God.

You are unique, marked, and set apart. Your tiny breaths declare God’s greatness. Your high pitched cries shout loud His sovereignty. Your precious frame pronounces the vast creativity of our God.

Tyler, I just want to say, I love you with my whole heart. You have a Father who is flawed, yet filled with love for you. Though I won’t always respond perfectly, I will always be there for you.

I will listen when you want to vent.

I will watch when you need to show off.

I will be there no matter what the circumstance.

I will brag about you for the rest of my life.

And may you see in my few strengths and endless weaknesses a man who does not trust in his bow or the strength of his horse, but a man who depends on Jesus with every breath.

Not a man who just talks about Jesus, but actually lives the life with a ferocious passion.

So here’s to many laughs, jokes, and good times together. Here’s to many tears, hugs, and Scriptures shared through struggle. Here’s to not just enjoying you for the wise decisions you make. Here’s to you for who you are.

May you always return to the innocence of your baby years. You are loved just as you are. You have nothing to prove.

I love you, son.


Question: What is one moment in your life that changed everything? What has it taught you? Share your experience in the comments!

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  1. daryl says

    This is great! Thanks for posting. My Abraham Hudson came into the world 6 months ago and as I read your post it brought tears to my eyes remembering the day. I love him and I’m amazed at who he’s becoming already.

  2. Darcy Griffin says

    Congratulations! Your life is going to change forever, you will learn more about who you really are now more than you ever thought before! When things get tough, throw your hands in the air and say “wheee!” Life with children is exhilarating! I am expecting my 8th baby (7th boy believe it or not) in 6 weeks. We have been so blessed, and stretched and on our knees before God daily. I wish you and your family the best! Thanks for posting.

  3. says

    What a great day for you and your wife. As I read what you wrote, it brought back so many memories of when my children were young. Now my son is 31 and my daughter is 26. No grand kids yet, my wife and I are empty nesters. I just want you to know I read what you wrote and I share in your joy. May God richly bless you and your family. Your blog has been a blessing to me.

  4. says

    “May you always return to the innocence of your baby years. You are loved just as you are. You have nothing to prove.”

    Love this. I may have to steal it the day if/when I have my own.

    Congrats David!

  5. says


    > I will be there no matter what the circumstance.
    There is something to be said for unconditional support — sometimes just knowing that gives us super strength when we face adversity.

  6. Pastor Esther Joy says

    This is great – You will stare sin in the face and say, “Christ is better. Amen!
    A beautiful blessing – congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  7. Michael Cline says

    My wife and I love this post, David! You’re a great example to everyone around you in every aspect of your life. You have become one of my role models because I truly see Christ in you. May God bless you and your family!

  8. Michelle says

    David, it’s been a while since I’ve been to your blog… wow! Congratulations on this new adventure called parenthood! He’s cute! Darcy is sooo right; you will learn so much more about yourself because children are like little mirrors and reflect so much of YOU… just as we are to reflect Christ as His children! Have fun on the journey!

  9. Janet Shaffer says

    Awww…sniffles….I am so touched by the Love of Jesus for us..shown in this letter, David. Congrats to you and Emily both! And to Tyler too…for appearing when HE was ready!!!

  10. Needyan says

    This is just beautiful, congrats to you and family. You are able to bless God because of life and a few months ago my husband and I were able to praise God for knowing our baby for two hours before she passed.
    The scriptures says in everything give thanks; people may say how can you give thanks and bless God in death? He says in everything, so yes even in death we will bless God because he is still God despite the circumstances.
    At all times he is to be praised.


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